Black Velvet
Black Velvet
Black Velvet

Black Velvet

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Discover the beauty of slowing down with a handcrafted wood wick candle. Our candles are crafted in small batches with blended coconut wax and premium fragrance oil for a unique sensory experience.

Black Velvet is a sultry vanilla fragrance with beautiful deep notes of musk and amber. 

Fragrance Notes: Vanilla + Amber

Infused with natural essential oils from clove leaf and eucalyptus.

Blended Coconut Wax is clean-burning, paraben free, phthalate free, and made from renewable sources.

7 Ounce Scented Wood Wick Candle in a Clear Glass Tumbler with a Rose Gold Lid.

Vessel Dimensions: 

Height 4 inches 

Diameter 2.875 inches 

Wood Wick Candle Burning

No two trees are the same, like us, they are unique. Naturally, no two, wood wicks are precisely the same. Wood wick candles will vary in burn profile and consistency. Every candle we make is unique. 

Between burns, remove the charred black tip of the wick and relight. 

Enjoy the unique crackle and fire!

Gift with every purchase, my way of saying thanks for being awesome and supporting a small business.

All candles are made to order in small batches.