Our Story

Our candle journey began with a kit from Bramble Berry

That's all it took. I fell in love with the smells wafting through my kitchen, and the slow, mindful process of handcrafting a candle.

It was a perfect symphony of art and science that I could see, touch, and smell. 

From that experience my interest in candle making grew exponentially. 

I spent countless hours exploring the craft of candle making online while continuing to buy supplies here and there to craft my own candles.

The more candles I made, the deeper I fell in love with candle making. 

Trying new fragrances triggered joyful memories buried deep in my brain's memory. All of a sudden I was transported to an afternoon on the Oregon coast with my mom, brother, aunt, and grandparents. Or snorkeling off the coast of South Caicos in awe of the turquoise water. 

After months of trying new fragrances, sharing candles with family, friends, and neighbors, and fine-tuning my craft - I decided to take the leap and open my very own shop. 

This is very much a journey of creativity, patience, joy, and faith. 

I hope you love my candles as much as I do. 

They are truly a labor of love. 

With Gratitude,


Owner and Candle Maker